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25-Aug-2016 00:10
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Subscribe to EurekAlert! Chinese Today!

Institutions that subscribe to post news releases to EurekAlert!, EurekAlert! Chinese, or both Web sites can help to bring their science news and resources to the attention of reporters from the world’s top media outlets. Benefits to subscribers include the ability to post eligible press releases, listings in the EurekAlert! Chinese Experts Database, and more.

EurekAlert! and EurekAlert! Chinese are always freely accessible to reporters worldwide. Institutions that post research news releases to these Web sites pay an annual fee. This system allows EurekAlert! and the non-profit American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to cover the costs of our operation. Working with hundreds of leading research institutions in more than 60 different countries also helps us to ensure that our subscription prices are reasonable and as affordable as possible.

Currently, while EurekAlert! Chinese is in its start-up phase, indigenous research institutions and journals in China are being invited to post high-quality science news releases to the Web site at no cost for one year. China-based organizations that wish to continue using EurekAlert! Chinese following the first year of free service will be offered a deeply discounted rate. Institutions in other parts of the world may choose to start a new subscription to EurekAlert! Chinese. Existing subscribers can pay a small fee to upgrade their subscription to include EurekAlert! Chinese.

However, all institutions posting news releases to EurekAlert! Chinese, including those in China who receive free service, and subscribers from elsewhere in the world, are asked to please complete and return a registration form (see below).

To speak with a EurekAlert! Chinese staff member, please call 1-202-326-6716 or e-mail EurekAlert! Chinese is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., U.S. Eastern Time.

On-line Forms

Institutions and journals located outside of China that would like to renew an existing annual subscription with EurekAlert! or upgrade an existing English-language subscription to include EurekAlert! Chinese, click here. The complete pricing policy also is included below.

Printed Forms

If you prefer to send in your form by mail or fax, click here for a list of forms.

Per-News Release Posting Fees

  EurekAlert! English EurekAlert! Chinese
Universities, non-profits, and government agencies $135 w/o Translation w/ Translation*
$135 $300
For-profit institutions $300 $300 $465

* Discounts available for multiple releases

Annual Subscription Pricing

Established Content Providers From Developed Regions
  EurekAlert! English Only EurekAlert! Chinese Only Both Sites
Universities, non-profits, and government agencies $1,295 $450 $1,520 Total
For-profit institutions $2,595 $850 $3,020 Total
Existing EurekAlert! Clients
Pay a Small Additional Fee to Add EurekAlert! Chinese, as Follows:
Universities, non-profits and government agencies $225 + Annual Subscription of $1,295 = $1,520 Total
For-profit institutions $425 + Annual Subscription of $2,595 = $3,020 Total
Eligible, Indigenous Chinese Sources*
Chinese Organizations Can Post to EurekAlert! Chinese for Free During a Trial Period!
  EurekAlert! English Only EurekAlert! Chinese Only Both Sites
Universities, non-profits, and government agencies $1,295 Free $1,295 Total
For-profit institutions $2,595 Free $2,595 Total
  EurekAlert! English Only EurekAlert! Chinese Only Both Sites
Universities, non-profits, and government agencies $1,295 $450 $1,520 Total
For-profit institutions $2,595 $850 $3,020 Total
* During the trial period, beginning one year from the launch date of EurekAlert! Chinese, indigenous Chinese research-news sources are being invited to post an unlimited number of high-quality, news releases for free. Status as an "eligible, indigenous Chinese source" will be determined in collaboration with an advisory committee including Chinese journalism experts, and based upon factors such as the organization's primary location.

NOTE — There will never be any cost to reporters or to the public to use the EurekAlert! or EurekAlert! Chinese sites. Reasonable subscription fees provided by content providers make it possible for the non-profit AAAS to maintain this free science-news service for reporters.

Under the EurekAlert! and EurekAlert! Chinese subscription policies, an institution is defined as one entity supported by its own public relations function. An institution representing multiple organizations may require multiple subscriptions. University-affiliated medical institutions that are supported by their own public relations functions must subscribe individually. Journals are handled on a case-by-case basis.

* Public relations firms may post press releases on EurekAlert! and EurekAlert! Chinese on a fee-per-press release basis, but are not eligible to become annual subscribers.