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About Us

About EurekAlert! Chinese

EurekAlert! Chinese is an online, global news service operated by AAAS, the science society. EurekAlert! Chinese provides a central place through which universities, medical centers, journals, government agencies, corporations and other organizations engaged in research can bring their news to the media. EurekAlert! Chinese also offers its news and resources to the public. EurekAlert! Chinese features news and resources focused on all areas of science, medicine and technology.

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EurekAlert! Chinese for Reporters, PIOs and the Public


Qualified reporters and freelancers can access embargoed and breaking news, peer-reviewed journals, experts and other valuable resources through EurekAlert! Chinese. To register, visit

Public Information Officers
EurekAlert! Chinese offers a number of services to Public Information Officers (PIOs), some of which require a subscription. To register as a PIO, visit PIOs from hundreds of organizations worldwide use EurekAlert! Chinese to distribute science, health and technology news, experts and other resources to reporters.

The Public
The general public (anyone who does not fit in the categories above) is welcome to visit EurekAlert! Chinese. Public users have access to nearly all areas of EurekAlert! Chinese, with the exception of the Embargoed News section and Experts Database.

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Finding Information on EurekAlert! Chinese

If you are looking for information on EurekAlert! Chinese, you may do so by typing specific information into the Search window.

To access embargoed news for use in a news story, you need to register as either a reporter or a freelancer. Please click here to register. If you are already registered as a reporter with EurekAlert! Chinese, click here to access embargoed news.

To submit press releases and experts to EurekAlert! Chinese, you must register as a public information officer (PIO). Your organization must also purchase a subscription to EurekAlert! Chinese. A PIO registration also qualifies you to receive alerts when researchers from your organization are publishing in one of our participating journals (Science, Cell, JAMA / Archives and PLoS).

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Privacy Policy

EurekAlert! Chinese is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of its users.

  1. Information Gathered by EurekAlert! Chinese

    EurekAlert! Chinese is divided into two areas:

    1. A public area accessible to anyone with world wide web resources, and
    2. A restricted area open to registered journalists and public information officers (PIOs).

    EurekAlert! Chinese gathers two types of information:

    1. Individual data that journalists and PIOs provide when they register, and
    2. Aggregated data on overall patterns of activity within the site. Such information enables us to accomodate our content to users' needs and to help those organizations that post information to the site to better understand the demographics of those seeing their materials.

    In general, however, EurekAlert! Chinese gathers information such as the date and time of your visit; the URL of the last Web page you visited; the type of browser and operating system you're using and your computer's IP address.

    EurekAlert! Chinese does not sell, rent or trade our list of users.

    EurekAlert! Chinese will not share information about your individual movement within the site or any other personal information about you with any third party. However, as mentioned, we may look at general usage patterns by user type (public, journalists and PIOs) to help us improve the site.

    Two exceptions:

    1. Information provided on the registration form is shared with the administrators of journals to which the user has requested access via EurekAlert! Chinese. No other information is shared. Individual access to journals is contingent upon the journal administrators of which you have requested and not by the status of your registration with EurekAlert! Chinese.
    2. The second exception would be in the case of violating EurekAlert! Chinese's embargo policy involving material allegedly obtained via someone's password-approved access -- and only then in response to a specific request by the journal or research institution that submitted the embargoed document, or by the journalist or PIO in question. However, EurekAlert! Chinese reserves the right to decline any of these requests if there is not sufficient evidence to support the charge. If we do agree to provide information related to an alleged embargo break, only three factors may potentially be revealed and only to the relevant journal, institution and/or registered user: whether or not the person viewed the document for which the embargo was broken; if so, what time of day he or she viewed it; and whether his or her request for the file, if made, was successfully fulfilled. If we do decide to fulfill such a request by a journal or an institution, the user in question will be notified.

  2. Update, Opt-Out and Deactivation Policies

    You may update the information in your contact information and other personal information at any time by going to the site and clicking on the My Settings button. However, only a EurekAlert! Chinese staff member may approve your changed status (i.e., reporter, freelancer or PIO). Requests for change of status should be made to We may also modify the way your information appears in your profile to conform to our standards of style.

    You may also remove yourself from EurekAlert! Chinese's database at any time by contacting us via e-mail (; telephone (1-202-326-6716); fax (1-202-898-0391) or mail:

    EurekAlert! Chinese Webmaster
    The American Association for the Advancement of Science
    1200 New York Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20005

Please note that this policy applies only to the EurekAlert! Chinese site, and not to other Web sites to which EurekAlert! Chinese may link. Also, given that Internet technologies are rapidly evolving, we reserve the right to modify portions of this policy at any time. You will be alerted to changes in the privacy policy by a notice on EurekAlert!'s home page. Continual use of EurekAlert! Chinese following the posting of changes to these terms will affirm acceptance of any changes that were made.

Inquiries about policies governing EurekAlert! Chinese should be forwarded to

EurekAlert! Chinese is a public service project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., and is administered within the Office of Public Programs.

For More Information

For more information, e-mail or call 1-202-326-6716.